dMMMMMP dMMMMMP dMP dMP .dMMMb .dMP" dMP dMP dMP dMP" VP .dMP" dMMMP dMP dMP VMMMb .dMP" dMP dMP.aMP dP .dMP dMMMMMP dMMMMMP VMMMP" VMMMP" ***************************************************** * Administrator: andy ( * * Global Operator: Pantelis ( * ***************************************************** Public Ports: 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000 - SSL Port: +9999 ** Users with firewall issues may also try 8080 port **
Zeus IPv6 Hostname: / 2607:f740:11::f8

GENERAL POLICY * By connecting to this server you agree to be bound by the terms * We ask that you be polite to your fellow users and have FUN chatting!! * You must be at least 16 years old to use Chatters without parental supervision. IRC may not be suitable for children of any age. Please supervise your child's IRC session. * If any conversation makes you uncomfortable tell your parents and a Chatters Operator immediately! * TOR Exit nodes are not permitted to use this server. If we use our real IP addresses, then so must you. * Please behave yourself. A lot of people spend a lot of their time to provide this service to you free of charge, and most of them would really much rather chat in a friendly environment instead of arguing or fending off stupidity (such as DDoS, floods, etc). * Any activity that is malicious, abusive, or in violation of network policy may result in being banned from the network and/or notification of appropriate organizations and authorities. * If you are new to IRC and need help getting started, type /join #help * If you need IRC Operator assistance, please /join #Opers * Do not ask us to become an IRC Operator. CLONE POLICY * Users are allowed up to 2 simultaneous connections per person. * Be careful connecting, if you generate more than 3 connections, even temporarily, you may get blocked from the net without warning. BOT/BNC POLICY * Have permission from the admin of each server it will connect to. PROHIBITIONS * Running an unauthorized bot/bnc * Running warscripts, clonebots, warbots, floodbots and the like. * Repeatedly joining of prohibited channels. * Failure to heed warnings generated by network services or staff. * Advertising other chat nets or porn/warez sites. * Attempted exchange of unsolicited or illicit data (files/WAREZ) * Systematic harassment of channels or users NETWORK SERVICES * Nickserv - Type: /ns help * Chanserv - Type: /cs help * Memoserv - Type: /ms help WEB SITE PAGES Network Webpage | Map | Statistics | Policy